Don't take our word for it...see what our members think!

Always Friendly

"There's many things I like about Evolve. The staff is always friendly, upbeat, and knows their stuff. The equipment is easy-to-use and actually fun. They offer a huge variety of workouts, whether you're into spin classes, or gravity classes, or a hybrid of both...even circuit training! And last, but not least, the class sizes are small enough that you can get personal attention from the trainer if needed." -Kane M.

At my Age, I never thought I'd feel this strong!

"Something much worse than the normal physical effects of middle age had crept up on me... my acceptance that I would never be strong again. Since I've joined Evolve, both the physical and the psychological signs of middle age are starting to disappear -- I feel stronger with every class and better about myself in-between. It's only been a few months but I can't believe I went so long withOUT Evolve. The teachers are excellent, the classes are the perfect size, and everyone is happy to be there, including me." -Elizabeth S.

Working out is No longer intimidating, lonely or monotonous

"After 2 months of regularly attending classes at Evolve (3-5 times/week), I feel physically stronger and have more endurance than I can ever remember, including times when I was regularly exercising 5 to 6 days a week. Perhaps more significant is that Evolve has changed the way I think and feel about exercise - it's no longer intimidating, lonely or monotonous. Working out is engaging, challenging and encouraging. With the accessible class times, small group format, online sign-up and reasonable pricing, the excuses are finally out of my way." -Lane S.

Committed to the clients and their health

"Evolve is a such a great little studio. The classes are small which allows us to get to know the instructors and develop a great rapport with them - and they get to know us and how to motivate us and keep us engaged. The class offerings are great - each combining cardio and strength so you get a full workout each time. Heather and her team are clearly committed to the clients and to our heath. It's really nice to have such a cool studio right here in the hood." -Lisa B.

Feeling the my clothes

"I have been coming to Evolve for 4 weeks and have really seen - and feel in my clothes - some much needed results. I love the teachers because each one teaches her own class so our muscles are constantly being "shocked" and thus don't get lazy. I also love the bikes - they are in great condition and are always clean. The classes are small and everyone is there to do their best and get stronger and more fit. I am so glad the studio is here - I love supporting small neighborhood businesses and I'm not struggling on the freeway to get to some gym where I am just another body." -Katherine B.

Changed my life

"I love the simplicity and the on-the-hour start times of the new schedule. Evolve changed my life 6 months ago when I walked past after taking my kids to school. The classes are efficient, effective, and the instructors bring the strength training to a new level! I've lost 7 pounds since May (my first class at Evolve), gained lean muscle mass, and feel fantastic. Before having 3 kids, I ran marathons, finished a few triathlons, and then gradually slid off my exercise commitment as their needs grew. Evolve brought me back, and I am so thankful for the availability and efficiency of your classes!" -Tina M.