At Evolve Fusion Fitness, our classes utilize Keiser indoor cycling bikes and Total Gym’s Gravity Training System (GTS). The gravity training machines provide a unique way to build strength, combined with indoor cycling to meet your cardio needs. Our 50 minute classes are fun and effective. If your are new to GTS, read our Gravity Machine Introduction.

Fusion Class [cycle + strength]

Pedal & Full Glide

The full-body class combines indoor cycling and gravity strength training to provide a wonderful cross training experience. This fusion class is great for anyone new to cycle + strength, yet challenging for anyone looking for an energizing total body workout.   Ideal for beginners and customizable for all fitness levels by increasing the incline.

Pedal & Top Glide

Your class will start with an invigorating ride to get your heart pumping. Then you will focus on upper body conditioning with abs thrown in for fun! You will use the gravity machines, free weights, balls and bands for optimal results. Tone your arms, shoulders, chest, upper back and of course your tummy giving you definition others will envy!  All fitness levels welcome.

Pedal & Butts 'n Gut

You will begin with a great ride to elevate your heart rate and burn calories. Then move on to the gravity machine focusing on your core to address your abs, hips, thighs, and of course, your glutes.  Using our gravity training system, you will tighten-up your tummy and backside and walk away feeling the effects of your work!  All fitness levels welcome.

Pedal & Core

This class provides 30 minutes of indoor cycling with 20 minutes of core and stretching.  It’s ideal for anyone looking to increase cardio strength with time devoted to sculpting the midsection and stretching sore muscles.  You should start here, if you are wanting to build up to a full 50 minute ride.  All fitness levels welcome.

Strength Class

Full Glide

Designed for all fitness levels, this full body tune-up of strengthening exercises utilizing the gravity training system along with free weights, balls and bands.  Challenge your muscle endurance as this class hits your arms, shoulders, chest, back, core, glutes and legs.  Ideal for beginners and customizable for all fitness levels by increasing the incline.

Full Glide with Butts & Core

This class will give you a full body tune-up focusing on your core and rear end. Using our gravity training system, you will address all major muscle groups while concentrating on the areas many struggle with -tummy, butt, and even low back. Your fanny will burn just the way you want it too!  Ideal for beginners and customizable for all fitness levels by increasing the incline.

Advanced Glide

This glide class is meant to really challenge your strength. You will get a full body workout utilizing our gravity training system and other equipment to address areas needing attention- tummy, hips, thighs, core, back and shoulders.  Moderate to advance fitness levels, but can customize by decreasing incline and weight.

Interval Training Class

Pedal & HIIT

This high intensity interval training class consists of indoor cycling and full-body PIT (power interval training). Your strength and endurance will be challenged on the bike, gravity machine and other pieces of equipment. Strength exercises are grouped between legs, back, abs, chest, and arms. Muscles are pushed to fatigue/failure giving you ultimate results fast! Every class will be a little different for variety. Sometimes you start on bikes and sometimes on gravity. Just be prepared for fast paced fun as you sweat, strengthen and burn calories!   Moderate to advanced fitness levels

Cycle Class

Full Ride

This fun and exhilarating indoor cycle will build stamina by increasing endurance with every ride. You burn calories along with the amazing benefits of a full cardio workout. Motivating music and our talented instructors will make the class fun and effective!  All fitness levels welcome.

Theme Rides

The last Friday of each month join in this 50 minute ride with a pre-scheduled music genre. The list of music will include Show Tunes, Disco, Classic Rock, Country, Motown, Alternative Rock, Decades - 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s, and All Request Hour.  All fitness levels welcome.