At Evolve Fusion Fitness, our classes utilize Keiser indoor cycling bikes and Total Gym’s Gravity Training System (GTS). The gravity training machines provide a unique way to build strength, combined with indoor cycling to meet your cardio needs. Our classes are fun and effective. If your are new to GTS, read our Gravity Machine Introduction.

fusion...cycle + strength

Pedal & Glide

This 50-minute Full-Body class combines Indoor Cycling and Gravity strength training. This class is for anyone looking for a challenging yet energizing TOTAL BODY workout. This is the PERFECT class for those looking to cross-train or add some intensity to your regular workout routine. ...All fitness levels welcome.

Pedal & Glide Core

This 50-minute CORE cross-training class combines Indoor Cycling and Gravity CORE strength training. In this class you will experience the intensity of indoor cycling paired with low-impact, high intensity functional pilates style strengthening on the GTS. PLEASE...No shoes during Gravity CORE. ...All fitness levels welcome.


Your goal will be to complete As Many Rounds As Possible during an allotted time. This class will challenge your strength and endurance on the bike, gravity machine and other pieces of equipment. This is a self-paced class that will keep your heart-rate as high as you want it for as long as you want it!! ...Moderate to advanced fitness levels.


GLIDE: Full-Body

This 50-minute strength conditioning class is a total body strength building and endurance workout where all muscle groups are pushed to their limits utilizing the state of the art Gravity Training System. The goal of this resistance training class is to help clients achieve optimal results in the quickest amount of time. ...All fitness levels welcome.

Glide CORE

This 50-minute Pilates infused, strength conditioning class incorporates resistance training for all fitness levels. This class is designed to help strengthen and SCULPT the core and stabilizing muscles surrounding the abdomen, obliques, back, chest, shoulders, hips, gluts and legs. We recommend this class to anyone that is new to the gravity training system. No shoes in this class...we invite you to wear toe sox. ...All fitness levels welcome.

Long and Lean

This is a 50 minute Pilates-based class to strengthen and engage the core muscles, as well as elongate the muscles of your body. Yoga influenced stretches will help enhance flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury. This class is great to add to your weekly routine to maintain that mind-body connection. ...All fitness levels welcome. Bring your yoga mat if you have one!

interval training...

Pedal & Glide Intervals

NEW...NEW...NEW... We are excited to introduce the newest addition to our "Fusion" classes. This 50-minute class consists of 4 rounds. Bike & Gravity intervals X 4 = 4 times the FUN! This fast paced Interval class is designed for members that are familiar with the Keiser bikes and Gravity machines. ...Moderate to advanced fitness levels

Pedal & HIIT

This 50-minute class consists of 2 rounds... One round of interval style indoor cycling & One round of full-body PIT (power interval training...think TABATA) utilizing the Gravity Training System (GTS). Strength exercises are grouped between legs, back, abs, chest, and arms. Muscles are pushed to fatigue/failure giving you ultimate results FAST! You'll leave class feeling stronger than ever!! ...Moderate to advanced fitness levels


Endurance Ride

This 50-minute indoor cycling class will get your heart rate up, increase your stamina and endurance, and help you burn the maximum amount of calories....your ultimate goal is to hit....20 miles....AND/OR...500 calories. This class flies by with various drills, hills and sprints designed to crank up the heart and crank out the calories! ...All fitness levels welcome.