Our Mission

We believe that everyone deserves a place that they can call their “Fitness Sanctuary.” A place they can go and not be judged or feel intimidated or uncomfortable and still get an amazing workout. The mission of Evolve is to elevate the overall wellbeing of members within the community by offering unique, full-body enhancing, specialized small group fitness classes in a safe, welcoming and environmentally friendly atmosphere at a price affordable to anyone and everyone.

Why Indoor Cycling?

Best form of exercise for TORCHING calories while being low inpact and easy on the joints. If you've always been intimidated to try an indoor cycling class then Evolve is the place for you! With our fusion style classes, you are never on the bike longer than 25 minutes...

Why STRENGTH Training?

Think Pilates on Steroids!! The dynamic pulley/glideboard system of the GTS (Gravity Training System) challenges clients to build strength, core stability and muscle endurance all with minimal impact to the joints. Levels range from therapeutic to intense. Read our Gravity Machine Introduction

Why Evolve?

Evolve offers the BEST indoor cycling/strength training fusion classes in southern California. We are strides above any other boutique fitness studio. AND...we are SUPER AFFORDABLE! Experience a NEW YOU in just 20 classes.

Why Fusion Fitness?

It's the ultimate way to get results...FAST! When you combine these two forms of exercise in the same hour your results increase exponentially. Fusion training will enhance your overall fitness level faster than any type of exercise alone.