Welcome to Evolve Fusion Fitness

Get fit and feel great with Evolve Fusion Fitness, the best little workout studio in San Diego! Located in the heart of Mission Hills, Evolve offers intimate classes designed for maximum results. We provide specialized group classes suitable for all ages, and customizable for all fitness levels. Fusion exercise enhances your overall physical condition faster than any type of workout alone! Combining cardio and strength training in the same hour increases results exponentially.

Why Indoor Cycling?

For the ultimate in cardio fitness, Evolve offers indoor cycling classes. As other fitness fads come and go, sweating it out on a bike has stuck around. It is the most effective calorie burning exercise along with the amazing benefits of a cardio workout. The fact that it is low impact and easy on joints make it an ideal form of exercise. Evolve’s classes focus on endurance, strength, intervals, and high intensity for maximum results. Motivating music and our talented instructors make our classes both fun and effective.

Why Gravity Training?

We use the Gravity Training System (GTS) to facilitate your fitness goals with maximum efficiency. The GTS is versatile, fun and easy to use. Your teacher will instruct you on each step throughout class. Then get ready to build strength and glide your way to rock hard abs. The dynamic pulley and glideboard system challenges you to increase core stability, develop muscles and endurance all with minimal effect on joints. The GTS is versatile and fun allowing you to do hundreds of exercises for all body parts. Read our Gravity Machine Introduction

Why Evolve?

We believe everyone deserves a place they feel comfortable exercising. Our environment is nonjudgmental so no one feels intimidated getting an amazing workout. Classes are customizable for all fitness levels and appropriate for any age group with minimal impact on joints. Having a neighborhood place to workout is motivational, fun, and great for making friends. We are committed to building community while enhancing the health and wellness of members. Located in the heart of Mission Hills, we offers intimate classes that are strides above any other fitness studio San Diego. We look forward to welcoming you to Evolve!

Why Fusion Fitness?

Combining indoor cycling and strength training into a fusion fitness class is the ultimate way to get results fast! Fusion training will enhance your overall fitness level more efficiently than any single form of exercise alone. Combining cardio and strength in the same hour provides immeasurable health benefits. Studies show that interval training helps prevent dementia later in life, has a lasting effect on cardiovascular health, increases bone density and alleviates depression. In 5 classes you will feel the difference. In 10 classes you will see the difference. In 20 classes get ready to experience a whole new you!