Evolve Fusion Fitness

Why Evolve?

Evolve offers the BEST indoor cycling/strength training fusion classes in southern California. We are strides above any other boutique fitness studio. AND...we are SUPER AFFORDABLE! Feel the difference in 5 classes. See the difference in 10 classes. Experience a NEW YOU in 20 classes.

Why Fusion Fitness?

It's the ultimate way to get results...FAST! When you combine these two forms of exercise in the same hour your results increase exponentially. Fusion training will enhance your overall fitness level faster than any type of exercise alone.

Why Indoor Cycling?

Best form of exercise for TORCHING calories while being low inpact and easy on the joints. If you've always been intimidated to try an indoor cycling class then Evolve is the place for you! With our fusion style classes, you are never on the bike longer than 25 minutes...

Why STRENGTH Training?

Think Pilates on Steroids!! The dynamic pulley/glideboard system of the GTS (Gravity Training System) challenges clients to build strength, core stability and muscle endurance all with minimal impact to the joints. Levels range from easy/therapeutic to intense/extremely challenging.

Fusion. cycle. gLIDE. INTERVALS.

All of our classes are designed to challenge all levels, however some classes may be more suitable for your fitness level. Utilize the chart below to determine which class is going to best meet your needs. Level 1 beginner. Level 2 intermediate. Level 3 advanced. The bars indicate level of intensity.

FUSION classes...L 1-3


CYCLE classes...L 1-2

Endurance Ride

GLIDE classes...L 1-2


INTERVAL Training classes...L 2-3


But don't take our word for it...

Check out what some of our members think about Evolve...and discover how we've changed the way they look, feel and experience fitness.

Feeling the difference...in my clothes

"I have been coming to Evolve for 4 weeks and have really seen - and feel in my clothes - some much needed results. I love the teachers because each one teaches her own class so our muscles are constantly being "shocked" and thus don't get lazy. The classes are small and everyone is there to do their best and get stronger and more fit. I love supporting small neighborhood businesses and I'm not struggling on the freeway to get to some gym where I am just another body." -Katherine B.

Changed my life

"Evolve changed my life 6 months ago when I walked past after taking my kids to school. The classes are efficient, effective, and the instructors bring the strength training to a new level! I've lost 7 pounds since May (my first class at Evolve), gained lean muscle mass, and feel fantastic. Before having 3 kids, I ran marathons, finished a few triathlons, and then gradually slid off my exercise commitment as their needs grew. Evolve brought me back!" -Tina M.

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I'm an Evolve Addict!!

"I'm an Evolve addict! I love the variety of classes, exercises and teaching styles of the instructors. Evolve challenges me because I never get the exact same work out twice! I feel stronger and fitter since I started working out with Heather and her team. And the atmosphere at Evolve is great: the staff and patrons are friendly, the music is motivating and the workout is amazing. I really enjoy the classes at Evolve and I highly recommend them!" -Stacy H.

Never Get Bored!

"I just wanted to express how much I love coming to Evolve. Before joining the studio, I really struggled with keeping exercise a priority along with work and family. It was a big leap to go for a membership and I'm so so so glad I did. The class format is amazing and I really appreciate how the teachers are always mixing up the routines so boredom isn't a problem. I've never been super athletic, but it gives me encouragement when people at work start asking if I'm losing weight. In short, I adore Evolve. Thank you for helping me get on track and stay there!" -Laura C.

Personal Training at a fraction of the cost

The Evolve team is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very motivating, and the spin bikes, gravity machines and circuit training equipment is top notch. Class sizes are limited, so you get a near personal trainer experience in each class at a fraction of the cost. Evolve is a wonderful addition to the uptown neighborhood. I've seen significant improvement in my own fitness level after just a few months – give it a shot and you'll be hooked too! -Chris M.